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Observerships (Coming Soon)

Get Canadian and American medical experience. Looks great on your CV, while obtaining hands on experience and reference letters.


Resume and Personal Statement Workshops (Coming Soon)

Resume and personal statement workshops to help you with your residency CaRMS application.

Tutoring (Coming Soon)

Different courses to help you study for NAC OSCE, QE1 and QE2.

No residency? Don’t worry: Alternative careers in medicine

Masters (various degrees)- Masters of Public Health, Health Informatics etc…

Lab technician

Personal Support Worker

Nurse bridging program

Ryerson bridging program



Safety physician

Hospital Administration

Medical billing

Health Informatics

Medical transcription

Best resources to use to study for the medical boards


Master the Boards
First Aid For the USMLE
Toronto Notes

Question Banks

Canada Qbank
LMCEE qbank
Kaplan questions