One Page Website Design

No Hidden Costs
  • Free Hosting
  • Responsive Layout
  • Clean One Page Design
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Beautiful Parallax Effect
  • Onsite SEO Campaign
  • Email Setup

One page website is becoming popular among lots of people due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Normally in a one page website, we contain the basic information and pass them over to your customers. At Intrango we develop and design one page website at a affordable price. Unless you have a one page website, most of the content will be on other pages. But in a one page website all of the content will be in a single page. This reduces the loading time of the website. With one page website we provide followings

  1. 1 to 7 Pages Design
  2. Free Domain Name
  3. Free Hosting
  4. Free Email Addresses x2
  5. Free Onsite SEO
  6. Setup of Social Media Sites
  7. Responsive Design

To load a website, the CSS files and JavaScript files need to be downloaded from the web server. Images of a web page is needed to be downloaded to the browser. But when you have a one page website, it will immensely help you to reduce the downloading time of an image.
Ability of one page website to deliver its message to customers is amazing. It gives a very strong message to customers as it contains all the pieces of information required. We also provide onsite SEO with this one page website design package with free domain name and free hosting. This will hugely help you to start your business

In a single page website the user needs to scroll vertically to go through the website. And there is a sticky menu on the top of the page which will help customers to navigate through the web page very easily. One page website will only have one particular URL. All of the one page website design that Intrango create are responsive to mobile devices. This enhanced the ability of getting more users to your one page website through different mobile devices. Ultimately it will pave the way to boost Search Engine Ranking and the conversion rate of the website.

Our one page website design package match with the requirements of anyone. we only take one day to successfully complete the one page website and we offer four months of free updates along with this one page website package.