We need to consider a lot of things when choosing the right content management system. It is not easy to select the right content management system to set up a web base solution. First, we need to check whether the requirements of the customers are met by selecting the content management systems. If not it should be customizable. At Intrango we choose content management systems after carefully considering the requirements of a customer. Often business owners love to control their business website alone by themselves. Having such an efficient content management solution is not a pipe dream, anyway. While designing a bespoke content management solution, we will have to work as per your website's existing protocol. Unlike a packaged CMS, a bespoke solution will always be built around the content of a business' website.

Pre-built content management solutions have a lot of plug-ins. A huge number of plug-ins and other widgets found within a packaged solution could extend functionality. These plug-ins maximise the user friendliness.

Content Management
Open Modular Architecture enhances the functionality of the content management system. It usually comes with a number of features and interfaces.
WYSIWYG editor allows users to edit the content in a user frienly window. This is quite helpful if you as a user does not know any web developing languages.
User friendliness is an added advantage of a content management system. If you are running an eCommers store, you will love content management systems.