In the design and developemenet process of any website or web base system you can find that there are a lot of phases you need to undergo.Design and devlopment process will have procesess from gathering infomation to create and maintain a website. If you break down a huge design process into few main sub processes...

  • 1.Gathering information
  • 2.Planning
  • 3.Design of website
  • 4.Development of website
  • 5.Testing of the website and Delivery of website
  • 6.Maintenance of website Gathering Information

Gathering Information - This is the very first step of designing a nice professional looking website. In the process of gathering the information, purpose of those information is important. There are variety of things that you need to consider before you gather the information you need from clients. Most of the clients have ideas, information hidden in the back of their mind. They do not really know how to put them into words. Therefore, asking questions from them in a very straightforward way will help you gather the information you need and help them to understand about your need in designing as well.

Planning - This step is the next step as a web developer that you should follow. Drawing little diagrams from the information that you gathered will help you determine the path that you should go as a developer. Target audience is a key thing that you should always keep in you r mind as a developer. It is also important to select a proper color theme before you develop the site. some websites needs hot colors while some needs really cool colors. but that will entirely depends on the final goal of the website and the target market of the website.

Design of the Website - TDesign Once you satisfied with your planning, the next step is designing your website. You can design your website according to the way you plan your website. During the design process you may have to alter your plans to achieve some functions for the website.

Developement- Development stage is the stage which the website is actually created. On here it is the responsibility of the developer to achieve all the function that require to run the website. Some of them may be really critical ion achieving more and more traffic to the website. First step of developing is to develop the home page and then the other pages. It is a must to maintain a good navigational structure in order to allow visitors to browse through the site. Sometimes depending on the requirements, developer can use content management systems such as WordPress, woo commerce, OS commerce or Magento as a base platform for a website.

Testing- On here the website is tested. site is tested against cross browser compatibility, Responsive layouts, and CSS. The other testing that you need to be worry are downloading speed, site validation against W3C and optimization for the search engines. you site should meet the current web standards.SEO is the optimization of your web site with elements such as title, description and keyword tags which help your web site achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

Maintenance - At this stage, it is the maintenance of the website. Maintenance could be done alone with all sort of refinements with the web files.

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