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As you know, new businesses are blooming dramatically day by day in the world. Many people like to start a new business or improve their existing one. As a cheap web design company, Intrango cheap web developers have brought four different affordable web design packages for our clients. These cheap web design packages have managed to increase their sales and customers through online in local areas. Our web design experts are now going to explain how to overcome with some of the biggest problems that everybody have in their business when having a cheap website design.

Affordable Web Design Company Selection

Affordable Web Design Company Selection

Selecting a website design company to design your website can be tricky these days. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you might have gone through many websites of web design companies. In the process of hiring the best affordable web design company for your business, you will have to do a lot of researches. One of the best way of selecting the most affordable web design company which provides you significant enhancements towards your business is examining the portfolio.

Few Quick Tips about Cheap Website Design

Cheap Web Design Tips

Due to technological advancement, most of the business owners tent to have a website for their business. As a result of that, the amount of cheap website design companies are dramatically increased in the UK. But, you need to consider about few reasons when you choosing an affordable website design agent.

Cheap Web Design Packages - Intrango

Ecommerce Website Design

For successful advertising purposes, it is really necessary for each and every business nowadays to have a website on the internet. This rules goes with not only big or medium sized companies but also small companies. Websites have been turned out to be one of the most significant aspect in marketing methods and they have a very strong ability to take pieces of information among the customers in very accurate way. Communication is pillars of success for any business type. Since a website can build the bridge of communication, having a website for your business has become critically important in the road of success. Therefore, If you think of having a website for your business or upgrading an existing website to boost the customer base, why not choose Intrango web design, the cheap web design company in north England.

Ecommerce Website for Business -2


In first section we have discussed few important tips to improve conversion rate for your ecommerce website. Not only that but also there are few more very important tips we are going to discuss in this section. And this is very useful for ecommerce website designers to design and quality ecommerce website which can bring more traffic to business...

Ecommerce Website for Business -1


It is a well known fact that there billions of websites competing each other in the modern world. Nearly half of them are ecommerce websites which sell products or services online. However, most of them actually do not make much sale on ecommerce website. There are so many reasons for low sales. To get attention to your ecommerce website through this saturation, an ecommerce website designer has to develop a high quality ecommerce website to increase traffic and improve conversion rates. Therefore, pay your attention to following powerful tips when you design an ecommerce website.

WooCommerce Ecommerce Platform

WooCommerce Ecommerce Platform

WordPress is open source software and many developers around the world are submitting great plug-ins. Most of these plug-ins are free. Since the ecommerce websites have been popular method among lots of customers, WooCommerce were able to grab the attention of many web developers. Because of its simplicity and functionality, WooCommerce became really popular day by day. User friendliness of WooCommerce has been able to create very advance ecommerce website with all kinds of features in them within a short period of time.

Woocommerce vs Magento

Woocommerce vs Magento - cheap ecommerce website

Today we are going to talk about Magento vs Woo commerce for ecommerce websites. If you are looking to setup an ecommerce website there are tonnes of different platforms to choose from. You get things such as Magento, Big commerce, Word press and Shopify. Therefore, you could actually choose all kinds of different platforms to setup your ecommerce website. There are two kinds of common ecommerce platforms which we use widely use. One of them is Word press or Woo commerce which is mainly consider as a blogging platform but it is a killer content management system then there is Magento which is well known platform for ecommerce web designs....

A web Site For My Business

Website For My Business

Does your business have a website? If not your missing out on a large piece of your target market. In fact you are most likely losing your business of it. Do you know why? Old school forms of advertising methods such as phone book, newspaper advertisements just do not work that much in modern world. Because, nobody uses them anymore. Due to the advancement of technology, millions of people most likely to find the easiest way to get information.

Ecommerce Website Design Aspects

Ecommerce Website Design

The fundamentals of eCommerce website design has been evolved during the past few years. Electronic commerce were able to turn a new page and get the attention of most conventional shop owners in the field of business marketing. On here we are going to discuss few basic requirements which are crucially important in developing an eCommerce websites. Every eCommerce shop owners aim is to have customers visit their eCommerce shop and purchase products from it. In order to that you need to reduce bouncing rate of your eCommerce websites.

The Best Social Media Platform For My Business

best social media

When we consider the best social media platform for any of the businesses, the type of the business is an important factor because different social media work for different type of businesses. Another question that our customers often ask is " how many social media platforms should I use to run my business? Answer to this type of a question is quite clear: it depends on how many social media platforms you can effectively manage to promote your business website or ecommerce website.

Importance of Responsive Ecommerce Website Design

Importance of Responsive Ecommerce Website Design

Now you might have seen in the news that Google has stated all ecommerce website to be responsive and this is just because of so many people are using mobile devices. Google want ecommerce websites to be squeezed into the size of small screen when people reading the context of those ecommerce websites to give the best possible user experience.On responsive websites customers have the ability of getting the information they need without zooming. There is not horizontal scrolling on mobile devices if a website is responsive. Therefore customers will only be having vertical scrolling which enables them to see the content of the entire website by scrolling up or down on their mobile devices. If you are running an ecommerce website...

Terms that you should know before going to your web designer

Web Design Terms

There are words related to any field. Biology has biological terms, criminology has words related to criminology. Likewise web developers and designers have technical words which are related to IT. It is important for anyone to know these words before seeking assistance from web designers. Understanding the meaning of these words will enormously help you to communicate well with your web designers and developers. Therefore, we thought to provide you some important terms that we use in the life of day today web developing.

How To Generate More Sales For Your Ecommerce Website


You might be wondering why your ecommerce website is not generating any sort of sales or you might be thinking about changing the appearance of your ecommerce website so that it would help you to generate more traffic into it. Unfortunately, this is a very common behaviour that we can see in most of ecommerce websites. Therefore, this article will look at some reasons for this issue and will offer better solutions to improve your ecommerce website sales which you expected to be....

Launching a new website without badly effecting your business

Launching a new website

SEO ranking of the current website is a critically important factor for your business. If your current website is already receiving some traffic. Changing the website without effecting the existing ranking is a must. No matter the new design of your business website look extremely attractive with nice images, colourful sliders and new other tricks to attract more and more customers, if you do not plan ahead with the SEO, you have a higher possibility to lose existing ranking on Google. This article is all about launching your new site without losing the existing ranking.

Why do you need to open an ecommerce store?

Why Do You Need To Open An Ecommerce Store

The real needs you have for developing eCommerce website should be clearly identified. This will help us to create more advance eCommerce website to grab your customers attention...

Ecommerce Vulnerabilities- Magento

Magento Security Patches

Magento ecommerce platform is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world due to advance features in its administrator panel and front end. The more business owners use it, more people tend to buy things on Magento based ecommerce websites. The more people buy things, more people try to seek the vulnerabilities of magneto to misuse them. Therefore, It is critically important for you to pay your attention on securing your ecommerce store because a single mistake could lead to catastrophic devastation...

How To Increase The Conversion Rate For Ecommerce Website

Conversion Rate For Ecommerce Website

Most of you must be having one page checkouts by now. If you do not have it, it is critically important to have it because it gives users the ability to checkout faster and easier. Platforms such as Magento, Shopify and PrestaShop do have add-ons which enables one page checkouts. These one pages checkouts for ecommerce shops are more powerful and faster. Instead of having multiple steps to place an order, One step checkouts allow customers to checkout effortlessly in just one step. Most of these one step checkout add-ons come with attractive colours and can be integrated with the world's most popular payment methods such as PayPal, PayPal Pro, Sage Pay Pro,, Worldpay, 2checkout and so on.

Should I Rebuild Or Improve My Website

Rebuild Or Improve My Website

Deciding whether you rebuild your existing website or create a new website from the scratch is a really hard question. Intrango Web Design provide website redesigning or creating options at affordable prices..

How To Get More Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes

Business owners have a common question regarding their Facebook page. And that is how a Facebook page could be published to get more likes. Therefore, we came up with the idea of publishing a blog post regarding this matter...

Google Panda & Penguin Updates

Google Panda & Penguin Updates

Google develop Panda Update after conducting a research. Quality of the websites were check by many ways. Google employed these people over a long period of time to determine and evaluate the quality of many websites. Number of factors were used to determine the quality of the any website. Some of these parameters demonstrate the quality of a website at the designing stage. Other factors such as speed of downloading, content trustworthiness, number of back links were also used. New algorithm was used to determine the similarities of the content to identify duplicate content of the websites.Aim of the new algorithm was to evaluate the quality of a website..

Importance of responsive design

Importance of responsive designs

Surfing the Internet using mobile devices has become really popular among today's younger generation. Some of them stay online all 24/7. Responsive websites will adjust the content of the websites according the different screen sizes. This will give maximum user friendliness to the users.
At Intrango we offer cheap web designs with responsive layouts. It is really happy to say that we work hard in the designing and development process to achieve maximum responsiveness with your website. Being cheap web designers in north England, we are proud to say that we provide responsive layout facility even to ecommerce websites as well.

Steps in Web Designing


There are steps and phases you need to complete in the process of designing and development of any website or web base system. On here we have discussed few of those important steps for a really good web design.

Social Media For Ecommerce

Social Media in Ecommerce

Social media is one of the most important factor when you are running a website these days. Specially for ecommerce, it provides the ability to navigate visitors into eCommerce websites.