Advance Business Website

No Hidden Costs
  • Free Domain + Hosting
  • Advance Business Features
  • Upto 15 Pages
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Social Media Links
  • Onsite SEO Campaign
  • Setting Up a Blog

There are many important features that we provide with Advance Business Website Package. Those features are extremely important in the process of running your website. Like in the Cheap Business Web Design package, this package Also provide you basic features to run a business and deeply consider about some of the important areas such as Analytics, reports and SEO. Advance Business Website Package has following features,

  1. 1 to 15 Pages
  2. Free Domain Name
  3. Free Hosting
  4. Free Email Addresses x2
  5. Free Onsite SEO
  6. Setup of Social Media Sites
  7. Responsive Design
  8. Setting Up a Blog
  9. Analytics and Reports
  10. Google Business Index

This package is suitable for medium size businesses as it provides most of the services to run a website smoothly. Domain name plays a significant role in your business. Therefore, it is wise to choose a domain name which describes your business. If you are into clothing business, then you should choose a domain name which is related to clothing. This will help a lot in search engine optimisation. As we provide you a free domain name we will always advise you in domain name selection and help you to choose the best domain name that could help you creating more traffic into your website in future.
To host your web files we provide you free hosting as well. This is where your web files are going to be and we keep two backups of your website to minimize the risk of losing data. These hosting servers has significantly large bandwidth which could help your website to be viewed by multiple customers.
Domain based email addresses are important to run a business. Customers prefer to deal with domain base emails over other types of email addresses. Domain Base Emails give your company extra credibility and trustworthiness. We provide two domain based emails with this package and if you think you need more than two email addresses, then you can always talk to us.

Apart from social media websites, blogs plays a huge role in creating traffic to your website. Search Engines love properly maintained blogs. It is a nice way to provide some information to your customers as well. Advance Business Website package will help you to set up both social media networking sites and a blog of your own.
Search Engine Optimisation is one of the other important aspect that you should pay your attention to. With the Advance Business Website package, we provide you full onsite search engine optimisation. Every single page is properly tuned to match the search engine requirements by maintaining the keyword density, links and adequate length in content.
Responsiveness of a website is being increased with the rapid advancement of the mobile devices. Adjusting your website content with the different screen sizes gives you higher conversion rate. We are more than happy to say that we design and develop responsive websites with this package.
Reports and Analytics will also help you to make future decisions about your business. It is important for you to know the conversion rate and bouncing rate of your customers. So that you can make necessary adjustments which could help you to increase the sales of your business. Google places for business is one of the most important way to index your website in Google. With the Advance Business Website package, it is our pleasure to help you achieve this.